ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound

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ZRC Galvilite® Galvanizing Repair

  • Designed specifically for field and shop repair of hot-dip galvanizing
  • Equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing
  • Silver finish closely blends in with the colour of new hot-dip galvanizing
  • Meets and exceeds galvanizing repair specifications ASTM Des. A 780, SSPC-Paint 20 and DOD-P-21035A
  • Industry-leading 95% zinc in the dried film
  • Single-component
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Available in clog-free aerosol form
Single pack, premixed, ready-to-apply, liquid organic zinc compound with a shiny finish to closely approximate the colour of hot-dip galvanizing

Shiny, silvery grey

Galvilite is widely used

  • without top coat in place of hot-dip galvanizing
  • specially formulated for repair of damaged hot-dip galvanizing Galvalume® and zinc metallizing, regalvanizing worn hot-dip galvanizing, repair of weldments, and repair of damaged inorganic zinc coatings
  • excellent for long-term protection of structural steel, water and waste facilities, power plants, transmission towers and antennae, steel decking and bridges, and numerous OEM uses

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: contact with potable water, strong acids or strong alkalis

POT LIFE: At least 24 hours


SURFACE PREPARATION: Dependent upon surface conditions and intended service. Typical examples are as follows:

Grease & Oils Solvent to clean SSPC-SP1
Rust Scale Power tool clean to SSPC-SP3 or SSPC-SP11 (SIS St 2 or 3)
Mill Scale, Paint or Heavy Rust Sandblast to SSPC-SP6 (commercial)
(SIS Sa 2)
Water Immersion (100°F (38°C) Maximum) Sandblast to SSPC-SP10(near white)
(SIS Sa 2.5)



Apply as received in container. For brush application, we recommend only 100% Natural Chinese Bristle brushes. For roller application, we recommend rollers with a 3/8” nap, made of mohair or lambs wool (sheepskin).

SPRAY (low pressure compressor type)

Atomized Air Pressure 50 Lbs (1.3 kg/cm²)
Fluid Pressure 15 to 20 Lbs (0.4-0.6 kg/cm²)
Orifice of Tip 0.080 inches (0.20 cm)
Viscosity Reduction 4:1 Mineral spirits -OR- 16:1 Xylene

SPRAY (airless type)

Pump 30:1 Ratio
Hose 1/2″ (1.3 cm)(I.D.) Airless Type
Orifice of Tip 60° – .026 in. (0.07 cm)
Type of Tip Tungsten carbide, reversing
Filter Screens Complete removal is recommended. However, if screens are employed, use no less than 30 mesh.
Viscosity No reduction required.
Recommended Procedure Connect hose directly to pump ensuring a hose length of 50 ft. max. Use least pressure possible. Start at 1500 lbs. (680kg) and increase as required for good spraying.

CLEAN UP: Mineral Spirits or Xylene

DRY TIME (set to touch): When ambient air dried, 20-30 minutes @ 1.5 mil (38µ) thickness

RECOAT TIME (2nd coat of ZRC): 12 hours.

TOPCOATING: After 24-48 hours, ZRC may be topcoated with acrylic, chlorinated rubber, epoxy, urethane or vinyl type products. DO NOT TOPCOAT WITH ALKYD, ALKYD-MODIFIED ACRYLIC, OR LACQUER TYPE PRODUCTS.


Where can you use ZRC?


ZRC is used to protect steel structures, such as railings.


Unlimited uses: on structural channel frames, as part of curtain wall support systems or curtain wall mullions.


Long-term protection of miscellaneous metals.

Public Projects

ZRC is specified as the base coat for the protection of structural support steel.

Transmission Towers

Used as original protection for structural steel and for regalvanizing support cables. Also over worn hot-dip.

Industrial Maintenance

Used for maintenance of structures and equipment inside and outside industrial, petrochemical and food processing plants (Acceptable to USDA and FDA).


Used by international manufacturers such as Leach Co., Oshkosh, WI to prevent corrosion on the inside surfaces of water tanks.

Instead of Hot-Dip

Makes galvanizing an “in-plant” operation for many manufacturers.

Nuclear Plants

ZRC has many applications in all phases of construction.

Off-Shore Rigs

Protects above and below the water line.

Water & Waste

ZRC is used to protect steel in extremely hostile environments such as water and waste plants.


ZRC is used on the exterior surface of water tanks. For example, a tank was protected by ZRC in an extremely corrosive environment for over 20 years.

Parabolic Antennas

ZRC is used extensively as a base coat in a two-coat system for the superior protection required in highly corrosive locations.

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